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WaveWall Flip Anti-Radiation Mobile Phone Case

  • £3999

What is the WaveWall Flip?

The WaveWall Flip is a stylish, flip open phone case, designed to block harmful mobile phone radiation from reaching your body.


Things we love about the WaveWall Flip!

  • Mobile phone radiation has been linked to cancer and male infertility1,2. WaveWall’s technology has been shown to reduce mobile radiation by over 85%%3
  • Helps to protect your manhood and keep your tackle tip top! This is important because keeping your phone in your pocket has been shown to damage your swimmers.
  • Protects your head from radiation when you are talking on the phone too. This means your whole family can benefit from using a WaveWall phone case.
  • Offers 24/7 protection for your phone from bumps and scratches
  • It’s a simple and affordable way to protect yourself from mobile radiation

And there are other reasons too:

  • Vegan friendly, handmade with high quality faux leather
  • Comes with a 24-month durability guarantee.


Drawbacks to the WaveWall flip

  • The protective fabric is only on one side of the case so you need to make sure the case is in your pocket the right way around. This is so your phone can still work without any signal loss.
  • If you use headphones with any anti-radiation phone case phone case, your head won’t be protected from radiation. You can use the specialist WaveWall Airtubes headphones if you want to protect yourself from radiation when using head phones.


Who should use WaveWall flip?

Anyone can use the WaveWall flip if they want to protect their body from the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation. In fact, the whole family can benefit.


How to use the WaveWall Flip

It is very simple, just pop your phone into the case and you are ready to go. The WaveWall Flip uses radiation shielding fabric to block electromagnetic frequencies from your phone reaching your body.


How it works

For information on how it works please watch the video below


Visit our FAQ section for further information


1. Adams JA et al, Effect of mobile telephones on sperm quality: A systematic review and meta-analysis: Environmental International 2014; 70: 106-112

2. Desai NR et al, Pathophysiology of cell phone radiation: oxidative stress and carcinogenesis with focus on male reproductive system: Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2009; 7: 114-122

3. Independent testing data on file WaveWall 2014 result 3 days early, 91% of women 2 days early, 96% of women 1 day early. If you test early and get a ‘Not Pregnant’ result it is possible that the level of pregnancy hormone may not yet be high enough to be detected. You should test again when your period is due.

Last updated: 23.07.2018

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