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SYB Anti Radiation Boxers

  • £4997

What are the SYB Shielded Boxers?

The SYB Shielded Boxers are pants that give your privates the most complete protection from mobile phone radiation.


Things we love about the SYB Shielded Boxers?

  • Keep you tackle tip top! They shield you from your mobile phone and all the other phone and WiFi radiation that we are all exposed to on a daily basis
  • Threaded with silver for 24/7 anti-radiation protection
  • Offers a simple way to block 99% of all radiation, helping to protect your sperm and reproductive system
  • Feels great! Soft, flexible and comfortable with added odour-killing fabric
  • Look stylish in cool blue

Any drawbacks

They may seem a bit pricey at first but you can’t put a price on your most important assets, fertility and sperm health.

Who should use the SYB Shielded Boxers?

  • Any gent that wants to protect their privates from radiation
  • Mobile phones use an electromagnetic field to connect to the network which allows them to send and receive calls and data. This field is about six inches around the phone and passes through your body, damaging cells and DNA. This radiation and the radiation from other sources that we come into contact with every day can also affect sperm motility and viability and lower testosterone production which can affect your fertility


 Contains: 42% silver, 53% cotton and 5% nylon

 Last updated: 25.07.2018

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