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OvuSense Fertility and Ovulation Monitor - 12 Month Subscription

  • £19900

What is OvuSense Fertility and Ovulation Monitor?

OvuSense is a fertility monitor consisting of an App and vaginal Sensor that measures your core body temperature every 5 minutes overnight, to identify when you are fertile and help you maximise your chances of getting pregnant.

* Due to exceptionally high demand the next delivery date is 28th January 2019 *


Things we love about OvuSense

  • Predicts your ovulation a day in advance so you can be ready for action. OvuSense will then confirm when you ovulated with 99% accuracy or tell you if you didn’t ovulate during that cycle.
  • Identifies your entire fertile window maximising your opportunity to get pregnant.
  • Works in real-time! Meaning that you can use OvuSense for trying to conceive straight away and don’t have to wait several cycles for it to learn about you. You can also use it if you have irregular cycles or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)! Plus you can stop using your vaginal sensor when ovulation has been confirmed.
  • Tracks your ‘fertility fingerprint’ helping you to get #cyclesavvy and learn about your own unique cycle characteristics. Did you know it’s actually a myth that all women have a cycle length of 28 days and ovulate on day 14!
  • OvuSense is great value for money, your 12-month subscription includes:
    • 12 months unrestricted use of the OvuSense App and vaginal Sensor (replacement required after 12 months)
    • 1-hour FREE consultation worth £150 with an independent Fertility Nurse Consultant
    • 24 hour/7 days a week product support
    • Exclusive membership to the OvuSense users closed Facebook support group with access to live clinics with fertility specialists

Kate Davies, Fertility Nurse Consultant, explains why she recommends OvuSense to her clients in our 2-minute video:


And there are many other reasons:

  • The OvuSense App allows you to sign-up your Doctor, partner or fertility friends (up to 3 users) so you can share your information.
  • OvuSense has been clinically proven in two clinical trials, and in over 10,000 cycles of use.
  • You can track how your fertility medication, dietary supplements and changes in your weight are affecting your cycle.
  • OvuSense is highly recommended by our very own Fertility Expert Kate Davies.
  • OvuSense is only used at night when you are asleep (or at rest) for a minimum of 4 hours, leaving you to get on with your day.

Visit our OvuSense FAQ section for further information


Any drawbacks to OvuSense?

  • Your sensor has to be inserted into your vagina at night (yes up there!). It doesn't feel any different from wearing a tampon.
  • OvuSense might appear a bit pricey at first, but your 12-month subscription works out around the same cost as buying ovulation tests each month for 12 months.


Who should use OvuSense?

  • OvuSense was designed for all women who want to take control of their fertility and improve their chances of getting pregnant, whether you have just started trying for a baby or are struggling to get pregnant.
  • If you think you might not be ovulating each month, have irregular cycles or PCOS.
  • If you have diminished ovarian reserve (how well your ovaries can produce eggs that can be fertilized, resulting in a healthy and successful pregnancy).

How to use OvuSense

  • OvuSense is super easy to use! Your OvuSense Sensor is worn in your vagina overnight and takes your core body temperature every 5 minutes. In the morning, you simply remove the sensor, wash it, and download your data to your phone or tablet using the OvuSense App.

For more information visit our 'How It Works' section

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