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myLotus Fertility Monitor - Starter Pack

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What is the myLotus Fertility Monitor?

The myLotus Fertility Monitor is a dual-purpose fertility tracking and pregnancy testing device. The myLotus Fertility Monitor is available as a starter pack containing 1 monitor, 3 x 20 ovulation tests and 3 x 3 pregnancy tests.

Fertility tracker: Some women have a high or low LH baseline level which can lead to inaccurate results when using traditional ovulation tests. myLotus numerically measures Luteinising Hormone (LH) levels, in your urine throughout your cycle, to help you understand your baseline level and detect your LH surge, which is an indication that ovulation is about to occur. 

Pregnancy test: Based on the day your LH surge is detected, myLotus will indicate when it is the right time for you to perform a pregnancy test.

Why do we love myLotus?

  • Different to traditional ovulation tests.  If your baseline LH levels are  outside the typical range, traditional ovulation tests may not work for you. myLotus allows you to identify your baseline LH levels numerically, throughout your cycle, even when they are outside the typical range and consequently detect your LH surge to identify when ovulation is about to occur and your most fertile time for sex.
  • Clear quantitative results. myLotus provides a numerical measure of how much LH is in your urine in real time. This allows you to identify your LH surge even if your LH levels are above or below the average range.
  • Easy to read qualitative results. myLotus displays a “+” symbol when it detects the LH surge and it will show a “+” symbol if the pregnancy hormone hCG has been detected and you are pregnant.

  • Menstrual cycle tracking. Enter your LH results into the free myLotus app to graphically track and view your unique monthly profile, making it easy to see your LH surge and establish your most fertile time to have sex.
  • Allows frequent testing! You can test with myLotus more than once a day, to ensure you detect your most fertile period.
  • Share your information with your Doctor or partner through the app. If you are struggling to get pregnant it is helpful for your doctor to see your LH baseline levels, how this changes throughout your cycle and compares with previous cycles.
  • Simple and accurate home testing:

The myLotus ovulation tests are over 99% accurate based on laboratory tests showing a positive result at 40 mIU/mL.

The myLotus Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate in laboratory testing in detecting pregnancy from the day the period is due.


Any drawbacks to myLotus?

  • You need to check myLotus every day to see if you need to perform a test, but you can set a reminder in your phone through the app.
  • The myLotus starter packs comes with 3 months supply of ovulation and pregnancy tests to get you going but you might need to buy refill tests afterwards.
  • You can’t use myLotus if you are on hormonal contraception, hormone replacement therapy or fertility drugs containing Luteinising Hormone or human Chorionic Gonadotropin.
  • If you are taking Clomid (clomiphene citrate) you should wait for 3 days after stopping the medication before testing your LH levels. 



Who should use myLotus? 

  • Any woman who is trying to conceive can use myLotus to learn more about their cycles and to identify the most fertile time of their cycle.
  • If you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) you may have elevated LH levels which means traditional ovulation tests might not work for you. However, you can use myLotus because it measures your baseline LH levels even if they are outside the typical range identifying your LH surge and when you are about to ovulate.
  • Women who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Unexplained means the doctor cannot find a reason why you are struggling to get pregnant. myLotus can help you to learn more about your cycle and identify when you are ovulating to help you know the best time to try for a baby.
  • Women with irregular cycles and women who are having no periods.
  • Women who find that traditional ovulation tests don’t work for them. Some women have low baseline LH levels, which could result in an LH surge that does not reach the detection level of many traditional ovulation tests, leading to a false negative result. Some women have high baseline LH levels, which could result in a false positive result when using a traditional ovulation test.

How to use myLotus

    1. Check your monitor each day to see whether you should do a test.
    2. During the first few days of your cycle myLotus will ask you to confirm if you are on your period.
    3. In your first cycle you will be asked on day 8 to perform an ovulation test (LH).
    4. Each day for a maximum of 20 days, your monitor will ask you to perform another ovulation test (LH) until your LH surge is detected.
    5. Your monitor will first request that you do a pregnancy test 12 days after your LH surge is detected.
    6. After your first cycle, your monitor’s algorithm will learn your personal hormone profile and will forecast your next cycle testing days.


Visit our frequently asked questions for further information


Always read the information leaflet entirely before using your myLotus monitor. This product is for self-testing only. Store in a cool, dry place. If required wipe your monitor with a damp cloth. Do not drop your monitor in any liquid. Immersion in liquid may render your monitor inoperable. Do not drop your monitor on a hard surface or from any height. Check the test is inserted the right way. Do not force the test into your monitor slot. There is no “click” sound to indicate the test is inserted the right way. Do not insert anything else but the test into the monitor slot. Do not dismantle your monitor. Do not replace the battery, a cable is provided to recharge the battery. Always consult your doctor before making any medical decisions based on the test results.


1. myLotus was tested over a 12 week period (August – November 2017) in 2 hospitals in China against the in-house laboratory testing method of the hospital. 111 women participated in LH testing and 100 women in hCG testing. The results of the hospital evaluation for ovulation testing showed a 100% correlation of myLotus with blood tests. myLotus was as accurate as the laboratory testing method to identify the LH surge.

Last updated: 28.11.2018




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