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LadyCup Menstrual Cup

  • £2500

What is the LadyCup?

The LadyCup is a menstrual cup that you insert like a tampon, during your period to collect blood during your period.


Things we love about the LadyCup

  • Eco-friendly and reusable, unlike sanitary towels and tampons that end up in a landfill.
  • Economical, can last for up to 15 years so after the initial investment you will be saving money.
  • A more natural alternative to tampons and pads. Free from softeners, latex, BPA or phthalates.
  • Easy to use. If you can use a tampon you can use a LadyCup!
  • Thinner than most menstrual cups for comfort, you probably won't notice you are wearing one. 


And there are many other reasons:

  • Hurrah for no more leaks. LadyCup can hold more blood than tampons or towels. 
  • Get on your active wear, great for use during sport. 
  • On the move, LadyCup is low maintenance so you can be on the go for longer.
  • Phew! No more smells, because your menstrual blood won’t be exposed to air.
  • Made from silicon, which helps you to maintain a healthy environment down there, and suitable if you have eczema, latex allergies or allergies to tampons. 
  • Comes with a travel bag, detailed instructions and sterilising tablets.

 Visit our FAQ section for further information


Any drawbacks to the LadyCup?

You might think using a LadyCup is going to be messy,  but you will be pleasantly surprised. After a bit of practice, it is as messy as inserting a tampon without an applicator.


Who should use a LadyCup?

LadyCup is suitable for all ages of women and can be used by girls who have not had sex yet and by women who use contraception (intrauterine bodies etc.).


What LadyCup size should I use?

Use a small cup if you are under 25 years, have a normal vaginal flow and have not given birth vaginally

Use a large cup if you are over 25 years with a heavy menstrual flow and have given birth vaginally.


For more information visit our 'How It Works' section.


Use for a maximum of 12 hours. Do not use during pregnancy. Wash. Clean as recommended.