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FertilCount Male Home Fertility Test

  • £1895

What is the FertilCount male fertility test?

FertilCount is a simple to use, home screening male fertility test, that measures sperm concentration in semen

Things we love about the FertilCount male fertility test?

  • Detects whether sperm concentration is below (negative test) or above (positive test) 15 million sperm cell per ml of sperm, established by the World Health Organisation as the cut off point
  • You can test your swimmer privately and discreetly in the comfort of your own home
  • 97% accurate when used correctly
  • Super easy to use with results in 15 minutes
  • Easy to read results


Any drawbacks to the FertilCount male fertility test?

  • The test only tests sperm concentration, it doesn’t test for sperm motility which is how well your sperm swim.
  • A positive test is likely to be good news but not proof of fertility. If you do get a negative test please don’t panic because these tests are not fool proof and they don’t detect every abnormality and we would recommend you discuss your result with your doctor. It may not be all bad news and could be a step in the right direction to getting any problems resolved.

Who should use the FertilCount male fertility test?

Any man who is thinking about trying for a baby or is trying for a baby and would like to understand more about their sperm count.

How to use the FertilCount male fertility test

1. Always read instruction leaflet provided prior to using the test.


2. Collect a semen sample in the cup provided.


3. Wait 15 minutes and then add the semen and the solutions provided to the test cassette.


4. Read the results after 5 minutes.


A positive test is indicated if the colour seen in test well is the same as or greater than reference well. This means the sperm count is equal to or greater than 15 million per ml. A negative test is indicated if the colour in the test well is less than the colour in the reference well . This means the sperm count is less than 15 million per ml.


If you are unsure of the results of the test, take a second test. The second test should not be repeated until at least 3 days later but not more than 7 days after the first test. If either or both of the tests are negative then we recommend you consult your doctor who may arrange a full semen analysis.


Important: Please allow three days since your last ejaculation before using FertilCount. Do not open the foil pouch until you are ready to begin testing. Do not re-use. Do not use if the foil pouch is torn or damaged. Do not perform the test after the expiry data on the foil pack. For self-test use. Store in a cool, dry place (4-30°C). Do not freeze. Colour blindness and improper lighting may affect the interpretation of the test results. This kit does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.


Warning: A negative test does not necessarily indicate infertility and should not be used to determine if contraception is required. Consult your doctor before making any medical decisions. For in vitro diagnostic use only (not for internal use). Keep out of the reach of children.


Last updated: 29.10.2018



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