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Male Fertility Tests

Why use a male fertility test?

Fertility problems affect both men and women. Male infertility is the primary diagnosis in approximately 30% of infertility cases. Male infertility can be caused when there are not enough sperm, or the sperm that are present are not moving properly. Problems with male fertility are often overlooked until couples realise that they are having problems conceiving. Men often feel embarrassed about seeing the doctor regarding a potential problem with their sperm. Using a male fertility test, it is now possible to quickly and easily perform a sperm test in the privacy of your own home, as a precautionary measure, as soon as you decide to start trying for a baby.


How to use a male fertility test?

A male fertility test takes a sample of semen and can give you a clear result of low or normal sperm count within minutes in the privacy of your own home.

1. Collect a sample of semen into the sample container provided.
2. Swirl the contents of the cup for the length of time stated.
3. Place the content of the container in the test cassette. You may be asked to add another solution to the test cassette.
4. Wait for the length of time stated.
5. Read your result.

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