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Why use a Fertility Monitor?

Once you have made the decision to try for a baby you may feel impatient and want to conceive as soon as possible. The main reason why this can take couples longer than they expected, is not having sex on the fertile days of the women’s cycle, also known as the fertile window. A woman's fertile window is a six-day period of time, commencing five days before ovulation and including the day that she ovulates.

Most ovulation tests will only detect your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) surge that triggers ovulation and identifies your two peak fertile days in your cycle. Although some ovulation tests can detect both estrogen and LH to help to identify around 4 fertile days each cycle. 

A fertility monitor is an electronic device that helps you to monitor and predict your fertile window of up to 6 days by better understanding your individual cycle. There is a range of fertility monitors available that track various natural signals including; hormones, temperature, pulse rate and sleep patterns.