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What 3 Things Make Sperm More Fertile?

Want to know what it takes for a single sperm to win the great sperm race? Professor Allan Pacey gives you a swimming lesson to explain the key things that are evaluated when you have a male fertility test.  


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0:02 There are three aspects of sperm that are really important for success
0:08 the first is how many sperm a man produces and the more sperm are released at the point
0:14 of ejaculation
0:16 then the better chance you have that one of those sperm will make it to
0:20 the egg.
0:21 The second is how well those sperm are swimming
0:26 a man can produce a lot of sperm but if they're not swimming then they're not
0:30 going to make it to the egg
0:32 so we like to see lots of swimming sperm in a man's ejaculate because that also
0:38 increases the probability that they will get to the egg and be successful.
0:42 The third important thing about sperm is their size and shape. Sperm have to be
0:48 built to a specific size and shape if they're going to maximize their chances
0:53 of navigating through the female's body and making it to the egg.
0:58 We think we know what that size and shape is but if a man has lots of sperm
1:03 with the wrong size and shape to some extent it doesn't matter how well they
1:07 swim and how many there are of them because the odds of them getting to the
1:11 egg will be reduced. The optimum condition is when a man is producing
1:17 lots of healthy swimming correctly sized and shaped sperm and when a man goes for
1:25 a fertility test
1:26 these are the three basic parameters that will be investigated by the scientists
1:30 in order to assess how fertile a man is likely to be.