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Retrograde Ejaculation and Pregnancy?

When I orgasm I don't ejaculate what is going on? Professor Allan pacey can explain.


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0:02 So something which often causes confusion, embarrassment and is often
0:08 misdiagnosed is a thing called retrograde ejaculation.
0:13 Normally when a man ejaculates the combination of muscular contractions and
0:19 contractions in his reproductive system
0:22 expel the sperm and the semen out through the end of the penis. During
0:26 either masturbation or intercourse on some occasions
0:31 a man may feel the sensation of orgasm but nothing may appear at the end of his
0:36 penis and that can be quite confusing. It is something that can just happen
0:40 spontaneously every now and again but in some men they find that they once
0:45 ejaculated but now they don't,  but they still have the same sensations of orgasm.
0:51 Now clearly if there's nothing coming out at the end of the penis that can be
0:55 something that will inhibit conception.
0:59 So it's something that ought to be investigated and it's something that the
1:03 man ought to think about in terms of whether or not it's a cause of his infertility.
1:09 It often happens in men with conditions like diabetes,
1:15 where were they suffer a thing called peripheral neuropathy. It can happen
1:18 following certain drug treatments. It can happen following certain surgeries.
1:22 But what’s happened almost certainly in those cases is that the man is now
1:28 suffering from what we call retrograde ejaculation.
1:31 So the sperm is being moved through his body but it's finding itself into the
1:36 bladder and not being released from the end of his penis. Clearly the sperm
1:41 are therefore in the wrong place if he's trying for a baby.
1:44 It's not dangerous to have sperm and semen in your bladder but clearly it's a
1:48 barrier to conception.
1:50 Now the test to identify this is that the man needs to go to a hospital and be
1:56 asked to produce a urine sample after he has masturbated to orgasm. If we
2:02 see sperm in his urine, then that is a sign that retrograde ejaculation
2:09 has occurred. In those cases, we can help the man achieve pregnancy by getting the
2:16 sperm from the bladder.  We often give him fluids to drink,
2:20 things like sodium bicarbonate to try neutralize the acidity of the urine and
2:24 we can extract the sperm very easily from the urine. Then we can use those
2:29 sperm to inseminate into his partner or we could use them in IVF or ICI if
2:34 there aren't as many of them.  But it's almost certainly a physiological change in his body
2:39 that's happened either because of aging or because of a disease or some
2:45 treatment that he's had.  It often causes confusion among man.  What's happened to
2:50 my body why am I not ejaculating anymore. It's also often misdiagnosed by doctors.
2:56 So I think if anybody is trying for a baby and they sense that they're not
3:01 ejaculating as much as they used to when they were a younger man it is worth
3:06 mentioning that to the GP so that the GP can arrange to have the necessary tests performed.