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OvuSense Fertility & Ovulation Monitor - FAQ

What is the minimum period of time that I must wear my OvuSense Sensor?

The good news is that you only need to wear your sensor for a minimum of 4 hours during rest or sleep. The longer you wear it though the more data it can collect.

Do I need to be asleep when using OvuSense?

No you don’t need to be asleep but you do need to be ‘at rest’ as in lying down and not walking.

Do I need to remove my OvuSense Sensor before I have sex?

Yes, it is essential to remove your sensor before sex for obvious reasons! Remember to give it a wash and pop it back inside after your baby dancing so it can carry on collecting data. The sensor is really clever and designed to ignore temperature data outside your normal body range, so any data collected when it is not inside you will not be used.

Do I need to remove my OvuSense Sensor before going to the toilet?

No you don’t need to remove your sensor before going to the toilet, but do hold onto it’s tail so you don’t lose it down the loo! If you prefer you can take it out but do remember to give it a wash and pop it back inside afterwards. Your sensor will ignore any temperature readings outside your normal body range, so any data collected whilst you are on the loo won’t be used.

Can I use OvuSense if I feel poorly or have a temperature?

OvuSense knows to remove any temperature spikes that are caused when you are poorly or by other things such as alcohol. It is recommended that if you have a temperature for 2 or more days then you should stop using OvuSense until you are feeling better again.

What if my bedroom is really hot or if I want to sleep with an electric blanket, will this affect my OvuSense readings?

As OvuSense measures your core temperature from your vagina this is OK because it shouldn’t be affected by external influences.

I work shifts, can I still use OvuSense?

The good news is yes, you can as long as you have a regular sleep pattern for a week or more. The most important thing is to make sure you wear your sensor for a minimum of 4 hours while you are at rest.

Tell me more about real time?

OvuSense works in real time by providing results based on data in your current cycle rather than relying on data from your previous cycles. This means that you can start using OvuSense for trying to conceive straight away and it can be used if you have irregular cycles or PCOS.

How should I wash my OvuSense Sensor?

It’s really important to keep your sensor nice and clean. To help you with this, your sensor is made from materials that prevent growth of bacteria. Simply clean it with warm water and soap. It is important to not use sterilising solutions, alcohol wipes or sanitising gels to clean your sensor as they may damage it.

What does the tail of the sensor do?

The sensor tail is designed to hang free to help you remove it.

How do I know that the sensor will fit me?

One size fits all. The sensor has been designed to be a similar size and shape as a tampon. In clinical trials the sensor was found to be completely comfortable to wear by 98% of users.

Can the Sensor to get lost inside me?

Don’t panic! This is not possible because there is nowhere inside you for the sensor to go.

Could the sensor fall out?

If the sensor is inserted correctly then it shouldn’t fall out. If it does fall out this is probably because you haven’t inserted it far enough inside you.

Can I wear the sensor during my period?

For hygiene and safety reasons it is essential that you don’t wear the sensor during your period or if you have any spotting during your cycle.

Can I use lubricant with the sensor?

A small amount water based and sperm friendly lubricant is fine.

Can I wear if I have a bacterial or yeast infection?

It is recommended that you stop using OvuSense if you have an irritation or an infection until your symptoms have completely gone away and make sure you wash your sensor thoroughly before using it again.

Could I be at risk of toxic shock syndrome when using OvuSense?

As with tampons there may be a small risk of toxic shock. This risk is lowered by only using the sensor when you are not bleeding. The sensor is made of antibacterial medical grade silicone that you wash daily, which will discourage the growth of bacteria which could lead to toxic shock.

Are there any radio waves used in transmitting the data from the sensor?

The OvuSense Sensor does not transmit any data whilst it is inside your body. Once you take it out and connect to the OvuSense App your data is then transferred to your mobile device using a special low power technology.

How do I know that my personal data is kept safe?

Your data is transmitted from your OvuSense App and stored in a secure encrypted format in a cloud based database. The cloud database used complies with strict regulatory guidelines which includes security management as per ISO 27001 and personal data protection as per ISO 27018.

I am going on holiday can I take OvuSense on the flight with me in my hand luggage?

The good news is yes you can. It is recommended that you transport your sensor in the case provided so that it is protected just in case you drop it.

Is OvuSense posted in discreet packaging?

OvuSense arrives incognito in a plain white box with no logo or branding. The packaging can fit through your letterbox so you don’t even have to be home to sign for it!

Are my mobile phone and tablet compatible with OvuSense App?

OvuSense is available for Android and Apple devices.

OvuSense is compatible with Android devices that have built in NFC (near field communication). However, please note that OvuSense is not compatible with Huawei P8 or P9 models.

For Apple devices, OvuSense is compatible with the following models running iOS version 8 or later:

iPhone: 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus with direct audio connection to NFC Reader supplied in OvuSense Starter Pack

iPhone: 7, 8 and X models -you will no longer require an NFC Reader to connect your sensor to your phone. Connection will be via NFC contained within the phone.

iPad: All models with direct audio connection to NFC Reader supplied in OvuSense Starter Pack

iPod: Touch 1st generation and Touch 2nd generation with direct audio connection to NFC Reader supplied in OvuSense Starter Pack

Where can I get answers to any other questions that I may have?

You can visit 7 days a week. OvuSense offer fantastic and friendly customer support to help you on your fertility journey.