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Ovarian Reserve AMH Home Test FAQ

Can an ovarian reserve test predict how quickly or if I will get pregnant?

Unfortunately, the test can’t do this, but it can give you an indication of how many eggs you have in your ovaries at the time you take the blood sample and form part of an overall fertility assessment.

If my AMH level is low, does this mean I am infertile or can’t get pregnant?

If your AMH level is low, this does not necessarily mean that you will struggle to get pregnant. An AMH test should be used as one part of a fertility assessment. Other factors can influence your ability to conceive such as egg quality and the quality of your partner’s sperm. Some women with low AMH will have no difficulty in conceiving because although they may have few eggs, these eggs may be of excellent quality.1

    If my AMH level is high, can I delay trying to get pregnant?

    An AMH test doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of your eggs, only the number. As you get older, the quality of your eggs may decrease, and it can be harder to get pregnant and stay pregnant.2

      Stories in the newspapers suggest AMH tests are a waste of time, is that true?

      One study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association,3 has been conducted and the results strongly suggest that screening tests, like AMH, do not predict how easily or quickly a woman may become pregnant. However, this test can be a useful indicator, as part of an overall fertility assessment, of the potential for a woman to become pregnant. You should always consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

        I am struggling to conceive, what fertility test should I order?

        We offer a range of fertility tests for both men and women. 

        For women struggling to conceive, we would recommend doing both the female hormone test and the ovarian reserve test. These tests combined will provide you with a clear picture of your fertility status and can also indicate if there are any issues which may result in some difficulty getting pregnant. 

        The male fertility test kits provide a broad picture of a man’s hormonal health by looking at the key hormones involved.

        Are my results shared with my Doctor?

        This service is completely confidential - your results are not shared with anyone. The results will be delivered to your personal secure online account. They are yours to access and use as you wish. 

        If you do wish to share your results with your Doctor, the nursing support team will provide you with a printable copy of your results which you can take with you to your Doctor. 

        I’m worried about taking a blood sample from my finger. How easy is it to take a blood sample using this kit?

        The lancet used to prick your finger is spring-loaded, so you won’t see the needle. When you place the lancet on your finger and press down as instructed, the needle is activated, and you will feel a small scratch for less than a second.


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        Last reviewed on: 02.05.2019 Next review date: 02.05.2022