Our story

Once upon a time, there were two single women, in their thirties, living in a flat and consuming far too much cheese and red wine on a Friday night in Manchester, UK.

After experiencing many insensitive comments from people about their ticking biological clocks and needing to find a man, they thought ‘Actually, where do you go to find out more about fertility?’ and the seed for Dr Fertility was planted.

We are Dr Lucy Buckley (PhD) and Kobi McCardle, bestfriends and Co-Founders of Dr Fertility, and after meeting our husbands through internet dating and having our babies 4 weeks apart, we launched Dr Fertility on our maternity leave just over two years ago.

Dr Fertility Founders Kobi McCardle Lucy Buckley

Our mission is to support anyone on their fertility journey through providing fertility education and products. We work with leading experts, including Professor Allan Pacey and Kate Davies, Fertility Nurse Consultant, to develop fertility education such as our #spermbanter and #cyclesavvy health awareness campaigns.

We also offer quality products to help people to better understand their own fertility and to inform them on the positive steps they can take to maximise their chances of conceiving. 

I (Kobi) have over 18 years of marketing and ecommerce experience, working with some of the UK’s leading brands and most recently as Ecommerce Director at I am driven to develop a simple, jargon free and effortless digital experience to help support people.

I (Lucy) am a pharmacist by background and have worked across a range of healthcare sectors, including community, hospital, academia and the pharmaceutical industry. I am passionate about raising awareness of fertility issues and tackling the fertility taboo, through the provision of accurate online fertility education.

If you have any ideas on how we can better support you, your partner, friends or your family we would love to hear from you.