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Our Fertility MOT Experience

fertility-motAfter trying to conceive for 3 months, my husband and I decided to invest (£480) in a couple Fertility MOT to make sure everything was in working order! Although we knew it could take a while to conceive due to us being over 35, we decided that we’d get checked out now rather than leave it until it was too late. I rang the fertility clinic to book an appointment and was told to allow 45 minutes by the lovely receptionist.

Testing Day

Her - My Experience

We walked into the clinic and the staff were so lovely that they immediately made us feel relaxed. We sat and had a hot drink and flicked through magazines until we were taken into separate rooms by different nurses.

My First Test: Ultra Sound

My first test was the ultra sound, which involved the nurse inserting a thin long probe into my vagina. Again the nurse made me feel relaxed and I could hardly feel the probe because it was very slim.

The nurse explained the process step by step and showed me everything on the screen.  She measured my womb and both ovaries and she reassuringly explained how things were looking throughout. She told me that everything was looking normal so that immediately comforted me.

My Second Test: Anti - Mullerian Hormone (AMH) or Ovarian Reserve Test

I was escorted back into the waiting room and another nurse collected me for my blood test. Firstly she measured my height and weight to calculate my BMI (Body Mass Index). The nurse then took my blood pressure and took a small blood sample from my arm. It only took a few seconds and I hardly felt a thing. They test the blood to measure ovarian reserves to see how many eggs you have left.

Him - My Husband’s Experience

My husband was taken into a small room where Adult magazines and videos were ready and waiting to help speed things up! He was given a small cup for him to catch his little swimmers!

When he was ready he was asked to place the cup in a small hatch in the room and ring the bell to let the nurse know he’d finished.


Test Results

We were slightly frustrated with the second part of the process because it took us a long time to receive our results. We unfortunately had to cancel our first appointment two weeks after our initial appointment due to a family bereavement and then had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment. The receptionist explained that this was due to the clinic being extremely busy.

On the day of the 'test results' appointment we met with the doctor who asked us both a number of questions, including date of last period, number of days in cycle, number of alcohol units we drink, our diets, medical conditions and previous operations, how long we had been trying to conceive and our approach e.g. timing it or just having sex every couple of days. My husband and I felt a bit uneasy because we weren’t prepared for the questions and you automatically start to think there may be an issue.

Luckily after the questions the doctor went through our results and we were both within normal measures - what a relief! For men they examine sperm volume, mobility and abnormality and for women they check your ovarian reserve level against a threshold set by age group and explain the results of the ultra sound scan. The doctor then advised us that she expected us to fall pregnant within 12 months.

Immediately after the test results we both felt much more relaxed and agreed that it would take as long as it takes and to just enjoy life in the meantime! We would definitely recommend having the tests to older couples trying to conceive as it gives you peace of mind or can quickly reveal if you need some additional help to conceive.