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myLotus - FAQs

Does myLotus work for women of all ages?

Yes, myLotus works for all women of reproductive age.

I have irregular periods. Can I still use myLotus?

Yes you can still use myLotus to monitor your LH hormone levels to determine your fertile phase.

I don’t have any periods can I still use the myLotus monitor?

Yes, you can still use your myLotus monitor to monitor your LH levels. Select the “X” of the bleeding icon by pressing the BOOKLET button. There will be no prompt for a specific LH test, but you can perform any test when the flashing test icon for “any test” appears. Please refer to the instruction manual for further information.

Why is it important to know my base LH level? 

Only 44% of women have a ‘normal’ LH curve profile and 19% of women have reduced or small LH peak1,2.  Knowing your personal LH concentration level profile is therefore important when your are trying to conceive to help you understand the best time to have sex.

Why don’t I get the same readings every month?

There is significant variability between women and also between each monthly cycle. It is completely normal for readings to vary from cycle-to-cycle.

Is it possible that I might have more than one LH surge per cycle

Some women do have more than one LH surge per menstrual cycle which you may notice if you choose to continue testing after you have detected one LH surge.

Which day of my menstrual cycle should I start using myLotus? 

You can start using myLotus from the first to the seventh day of your cycle.This is because myLotus will asks for your first LH test on day 8. 

How do I do more than one test per day?

When your monitor asks you for a specific test and you successfully perform that test the monitor will not ask you do the same test again that day. However, you may want to do more tests per day. To do this press the BOOKLET button, you will then see a flashing test symbol which means you can perform any test.

How long will it take for my results to be shown after performing a test?

A result will be displayed after ten minutes, but as early as three minutes for strong positive results. It is important to leave the test to run for the full 10 minutes though.

How do I know when to do a pregnancy test?

A number of days after the LH surge is detected the monitor will request that you perform a pregnancy test. If no pregnancy is detected your monitor will ask you to perform another test 2 days later and again 2 days after that if necessary. You can also perform a pregnancy test at any time you wish.

Does my monitor need charging?

Rechargeable batteries are included with your myLotus monitor which cannot be removed. A cable to recharge the battery is supplied with your monitor. The battery symbol shows 3 bars when it is fully charged. If the battery is showing only one bar then you must charge your monitor before use. You can also use your monitor while it is recharging.

What should I do if I forget to check my monitor for a day?

It is not possible to input data retrospectively, so just carry on checking your monitor daily as normal and follow the monitor prompts.

What should I do if the monitor switches off before I have noted my reading?

If you forgot to read your result after the 10 minutes, the monitor switches itself off. Simply take out the first test and turn the monitor on again. When you see the “any test” flashing test icon you press the BOOKLET button and this should show you your latest test result. By pressing the STAR button you can scroll to any previous results.

During my bleeding days my monitor is showing me a flashing test symbol “any test” what should I do?

You should ignore this and switch your monitor off until the following day.

I entered the wrong information in the app when I logged in. How do I change this?

Open up the app and go to user settings, this will allow you to change information such as your password, name and e-mail address.

I want to change my test results in the app. How do I do this?

You can change you test results at anytime. Tap on the day that you what to change your test results for and this will give you the opportunity to make an amendment.

How do I add or edit my period information in the ap?

Open up the app and tap on the day you want to add or edit and this will give you the opportunity to enter the information. If it is your first cycle and you have an empty calendar just tap on the day of your first bleed and press “confirm”.

How do I change the date and time I set up in my monitor?

To do this switch your monitor off and turn it back on while pressing the STAR button for 5 seconds. You can then set the date and time in the same way that you did when you originally set up your monitor.

What do I do if I get an error message?

Please refer to section 5 “testing errors” of your instruction booklet.

What do I get in my starter pack?

The myLotus Starter Pack consists of a Monitor, 3 packs (3 x 20 tests) of Ovulation Tests (LH) and 3 packs (3 x 3 tests) of  Pregnancy Tests (hCG). The app is available for free and works in combination with the myLotus Fertility Monitor, but can be used as a stand alone fertility tracker.  

The app keeps crashing. What should I do?

Please contact myLotus at


Always read the information leaflet entirely before using your myLotus monitor. This product is for self-testing only. Store in a cool, dry place. If required wipe your monitor with a damp cloth. Do not drop your monitor in any liquid. Immersion in liquid may render your monitor inoperable. Do not drop your monitor on a hard surface or from any height. Check the test is inserted the right way. Do not force the test into your monitor slot. There is no “click” sound to indicate the test is inserted the right way. Do not insert anything else but the test into the monitor slot. Do not dismantle your monitor. Do not replace the battery, a cable is provided to recharge the battery. Always consult your doctor before making any medical decisions based on the test results.


1. Alliende et al., Mean versus individual hormonal profiles in the menstrual cycle; Fertility and Sterility 2002, 78 (90-95)
2. Direito et al., Relationships between the luteinizing hormone surge and other characteristics of the menstrual cycle in normal ovulating women; Fertility and Sterility 2013, 90 (279-285)

Last updated: 28.11.2018