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LadyCup Menstrual Cup - FAQs

What is my LadyCup made out of?

Your LadyCup is made from biological certified medical grade silicon.

What is the life expectancy of my LadyCup?

If you take good care of your LadyCup it can last you up to 15 years.

What makes my LadyCup different to other menstrual cups?

LadyCup has several features that makes it different to other menstrual cups:

  • - There are no marks, inscriptions or symbols on any of it’s surfaces making it easier to clean.
  • - The shape and surface (raised bumps) of the bottom part of the cup makes it easier to insert and remove.
  • - The thickness of the silicone material used has been optimised to give it maximum flexibility and give you best possible feeling during use.
  • - Low pressure openings are designed to prevent leaks.

How do I take good care of my LadyCup?

Store your LadyCup in the cotton store bag provided. Keep out of sunlight to preserve the colour of your cup. Don’t store in airtight containers.

For basic cleaning during your period; rinse with water and non-perfumed soap as soon as possible after emptying to prevent any blood on the surface drying which can make cleaning more difficult. If water isn’t available you can use toilet paper.

After your period a more thorough cleaning is required. Either clean via boiling or sterilisation.

Are there any tips to help me insert my LadyCup?

You can moisten your LadyCup with water or a water-based (to prevent damage) lubricant gel to help insertion. Ladies who have not yet given birth might find this helpful.

To find an insertion position that works for you, practice inserting your LadyCup when you are not on your period. Most ladies find either sitting, squatting or kneeling works wells and remember to relax.

How do I remove my LadyCup?

Separate your LadyCup from your vaginal wall using the stem and a finger and then pull your LadyCup out lightly. The shape and surface (raised bumps) of the bottom part of the cup makes it easier to insert and remove.

Can I use my LadyCup during sport?

Yes, LadyCup is suitable for use during sport and for ladies who are very active. In fact many women who a do a lot of sport prefer using a menstrual cup than other forms of sanitary protection.

I am worried that I might have an allergic reaction to my LadyCup?

LadyCup is hypoallergenic and suitable for ladies with latex allergies. No allergies to LadyCup to date have been reported. However, if you do experience any changes down there when using LadyCup (or afterwards) remove LadyCup straight away and contact your doctor.

I have very heavy periods can I still use LadyCup?

Yes you can, but you will need to empty your LadyCup more regularly. You can also use your LadyCup with a sanitary towel or panty liner.

I am worried about the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome when using my LadyCup.

To date there have been no reported cases of toxic shock syndrome with the use of menstrual cups. However, if you do experience any symptoms associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome, remove your LadyCup immediately and contact your doctor.

How often should I empty my LadyCup?

Empty your LadyCup as needed depending on your menstrual flow. This is usually 2-5 times a day. It is important to empty your LadyCup at least every 12 hours.

Can I keep my LadyCup in when I go to the toilet?

If you are happy to do so you can but if you feel your LadyCup move reinsert it to prevent leaking.

Can I wear my LadyCup during sex?

No you can’t. Please remove your LadyCup before any sexy time.

How do I sterilise my LadyCup?

You can sterilise your LadyCup with Milton sterilisation tablets or by boiling it. Using sterilisation tablets is thought to be more efficient than boiling.

What sizes do the LadyCup come in?

Small for regular or small tampon users (diameter 40mm; length 46mm; length of the stem 19mm; volume 21.2ml)

Large for regular for super tampon users (diameter 46mm; length 53mm; length of the stem 12mm; volume 34.3ml)

You can shorten the stem of your LadyCup to “your” length too or cut it off entirely. We recommend shortening the stem gradually until you find a suitable length but be careful to not damage the botom of your LadyCup.