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LadyCup Menstrual Cup - How To Use


Always wash your hands and disinfect your LadyCup before use. Fold twice length ways into a tampon shape before inserting it.


Insert your LadyCup like you would a tampon. You can moisten your LadyCup with water or a water-based lubricant to help insertion. Once in the correct place your LadyCup will fully unfold  and will remain in position and no leaking should occur. In fact you won’t even be able to feel it.


Your LadyCup will now collect your menstrual blood. Ideal for general use whilst on your period, sports or traveling.


Empty as needed depending on your menstrual flow. This is usually 2-5 times a day. You can also use LadyCup at night. It is important to empty it at least every 12 hours.

To remove separate your LadyCup from your vaginal wall using the stem and a finger and then pull your LadyCup out lightly. The stem has raised bumps to help you grip it better and remove it easily.


 For basic cleaning during your period; rinse with water and non-perfumed soap as soon as possible after emptying to prevent drying of menstrual blood which can make cleaning more difficult. If water isn’t available you can use toilet paper.

After your period a more thorough cleaning is required. Either clean via boiling or sterilisation. You can then re-use your LadyCup when you get your next period.