How the home test service works

1. Receive your test

We understand the sensitive nature of our products, so we will ensure that you receive your test kit in discreet packaging. We aim to have your order safely in your hands within 2-3 working days, but you can upgrade your delivery option at the checkout if you want to receive your test faster.


2. Activate your test

Follow the clear instructions inside your test box to create an account with Let’s Get Checked and activate your collection kit, this connects the unique alphanumeric (contains letters and numbers) barcode within your test kit to your account. To complete your personal health record, you can answer several health-related questions.


3. Complete your lab sticker

Fill in your details on the lab sticker located on the inner lid of the collection box.


4. Collect your sample

Collect your sample in a place of your choice and in the morning. It is best to take your sample Monday-Wednesday so it can get to the laboratory before the weekend.


5. Post your sample to the lab

Straight after taking your sample, return it using the enclosed pre-paid shipping label to our accredited laboratory partner within 24 hours, where it will be processed.


6. Sample processing

Your sample with be processed quickly and anonymously using robotics, barcoding, and automation with your results becoming available as quickly as 2 days.


7. Results uploaded to your secure account

Results are reviewed by a medical team and are available to view using your secure and confidential nonline account within 2-5 days. This allows you to access your results at any time and use them to track and monitor your health.


8. Medical support 24/7

After processing your sample, a doctor will review your results. A member of the nursing team will call you to talk you through your results and discuss treatment options, if these are necessary, which include helping you with your lifestyle.


9. Results and health records

Your results and health information are yours to see on your dashboard.


{Last reviewed on: 26.11.2019   Next review date: 26.11.2022}