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How Sperm Are Made

Did you know that it takes 3 months for sperm to be produced? Professor Allan Pacey explains why it is important to start making changes to your lifestyle at least a few months before trying to conceive.



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0:02 I think it's really important that men and couples understand how sperm are

0:07 produced. Sperm are produced in the testicles. Men start to produce sperm

0:14 from the age of about 13 or 14.  The testicles are contained in the scrotum which hangs outside

0:20 the body. This is because sperm production needs to occur at a temperature one or two degrees lower than

0:26 body temperature.

0:29 The process of sperm production takes about three months, and I think that's

0:34 really important for men to understand because if they are going to make a

0:38 change to their lifestyle they need to think of changing over several months

0:43 rather than believing that something that they give up on Saturday will have

0:48 changed their sperm production or improved it by the following Monday.  The three-month

0:53 sperm production process takes approximately 3 months and involves many different processes to build

0:59 sperm, to make them able to swim and to give them the necessary properties in order for them  to bind to

1:05 the egg. When the sperm exit the sperm production factory

1:09 they are then stored until the point of ejaculation. The optimum time of

1:15 storage is usually just two or three days.  Many men think that if they don't

1:22 ejaculate for a long period of time that when they next ejaculate

1:26 they will ejaculate lots of super sperm but actually that's not the case. Ideally you

1:30 want to be ejaculating sperm within two or three days of them leaving the

1:34 production line.