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How Often Should You Have Sex When Trying For A Baby?

Should you be at it like rabbits every day? Professor Allan Pacey advises on how often you should have sex when trying to conceive and how to prevent making sex feel like a chore.


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0:02 How often to have sex is a asked question by men or couples who are
0:07 trying for a baby.
0:09 The evidence is fairly clear that a couple that are having regular sex two
0:15 or three times a week without going to the lengths of trying to time it to a
0:21 specific day or hour do just as well.
0:26 It's all about having a healthy sex life and regularly ejaculating sperm into
0:33 your partner.
0:34 Now what's important to know is that sperm only enter the woman's
0:39 reproductive system and go to the egg, all the way to the egg, at about the
0:44 point of mid-cycle when she is ovulating and when her cervical mucus is the most
0:49 sperm friendly. In order to try and predict when that is can become a bit of
0:55 a science and a bit of a chore and that can be detrimental to
1:01 lovemaking and inhibitory to a good sex life.
1:06 My advice is really simple, if you are having regular sex two or three times a
1:11 week you are likely to be happy and content and you're doing the best that
1:16 anyone can to make sure that sperm actually reach the egg at the right time.
1:22 Now if there is some kind of dysfunction or if the woman's cycle is less
1:27 predictable,
1:29 it may help to use some kind of ovulation test kit in order to try
1:34 and work out when the most fertile period is. My advice
1:39 particularly to women now would be not to phone or text your partner when he's
1:46 at work and tell him that you're ovulating and he must speedily make
1:51 haste to your bedroom in order to have sex because you happen to be ovulating
1:55 today at two o'clock.
1:57 My advice to that woman is
2:01 wait until he comes home, do your best to seduce him with a curry and
2:07 perhaps a beer and then just do what comes naturally in the bedroom that
2:12 evening
2:13 because as long as the sperm are entering the woman's body within a few
2:16 hours of ovulation
2:18 then I think the chances of conception are just as high as somebody who is
2:23 timing it so precisely with one of these ovulation prediction kits.