How many days per menstrual cycle can you get pregnant?

Though many women know they are fertile when they ovulate, few are aware that you don’t actually have to have sex on the day you ovulate to get pregnant.

As part of our #cyclesavvy national survey we asked you lovely ladies 'How many days per menstrual cycle can you get pregnant?' and as we expected most of you, in fact, 65% of you didn't know!

Kate Davies, Fertility Nurse Consultant, explains "Ovulation itself only last for 12-24 hours, which means there’s only a finite time per cycle when conception can occur. However, the fertile window is longer than this short duration, as sperm can live in the vagina for approximately 5 days.”  

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"I was excited when Dr Fertility invited me to be their expert for the #cyclesavvy campaign. In my role as a Fertility Nurse Consultant, I have seen many women who don't fully understand their fertility and would certainly benefit from further education to help maximise their chances of getting pregnant. Dr Fertility are addressing the educational needs of women who are trying to conceive in a way that is easily accessible for them and easy for them to understand.", Kate Davies, Fertility Nurse Consultant.