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How Is A Sperm Test Done?

OMG I have to give a sperm sample. What does this mean? Professor Allan Pacey tells us more about the ‘men’s room at the fertility clinic.



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0:02 If you are referred to the local hospital for a sperm test
0:07 you may be asked to produce the sample on site.  That will require you
0:12 abstaining from ejaculating for maybe three, four or five days before the test and
0:17 that's really important so that the doctors at the local hospital can get a
0:21 good picture of what's happening in your sperm production factory.
0:26 You may be asked to produce the sample at home and if that's the case then you
0:34 should still abstain from ejaculation for the same period of time. You will
0:39 be required to bring the sample into hospital usually within one hour, so that
0:45 the scientists who are going to be looking at that sample can see the
0:49 sample fresh and can make sure that those sperm are healthy and that they're
0:53 swimming.
0:57 The scientists will look at the three main aspects of your sample.  They will count
1:04 the sperm to see how many there are, they will look to see whether they're
1:08 swimming and they will also do a test to check their size and shape.  That
1:14 information will be written up and will be sent back to your GP. Your GP will
1:19 explain those results to you at a later date and on the basis of that
1:24 information the GP can then make a decision.  The GP can decide that maybe there is time to
1:31 continue trying because your sperm is normal.
1:35 The GP may then decide it's time to investigate your partner and make sure
1:40 your partner is ovulating and that everything is healthy with her. Or your
1:45 GP may decide this is the time that you need to be seen by a specialist in the
1:50 hospital because your chances of conception are low and you may need some
1:55 additional help.
1:57 The main treatments for male fertility usually involve collecting
2:02 sperm either from your ejaculate or maybe even from your testicles if you
2:07 have too few sperm in your ejaculate.
2:10 But those sperm can be used to fertilise your partner's eggs usually in a
2:15 laboratory either through IVF or through a sperm injection technique that we call
2:20 ICSI. If your sperm are fairly healthy though you may simply be offered an
2:27 insemination procedure and that's where your sperm is washed and is prepared and
2:32 are inseminated into your partner at about the right time when she's
2:36 ovulating.  So there are a number of different treatment options available to
2:40 you but the first step in getting access to them is going to see your GP, if you
2:46 haven't managed to make your partner pregnant within about a year of trying.