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Does Weight Affect Male Fertility?

Many of us could probably loose a few pounds, but is this really necessary when trying for a baby? Professor Pacey advises us on the impact of weight on male fertility.


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0:02 There's been a lot written about body mass index and its relationship to semen
0:09 quality or its relationship to male fertility.
0:11 I have to say I find the data a little bit confusing, we’ve certainly done
0:15 studies where we haven't seen an association between body mass index and
0:20 sperm quality.
0:21 Whereas l as I do know there are some other large studies out there that have. When a
0:26 man puts on weight
0:27 several things happen. On the one hand it might indicate a poor diet and a poor
0:35 diet may be detrimental sperm production.
0:38 It also is related to changes in hormones in his body.
0:43 So men who have a higher fat content in their bodies often have more circulating
0:49 oestrogen in their bodies and that can make a sperm production work less
0:54 well.  The third thing is that men who are overweight can have hotter testicles and
1:01 that's because that there's more fat down there which means that the
1:05 testicles are surrounded by more tissue and they get less air circulating around
1:10 them so they tend to heat up a little bit more which itself can stop sperm
1:15 production being at its optimal.
1:18 I think the best advice is that I think we could probably all lose a couple of
1:22 pounds.  Maybe some of us could lose a little bit more than others and I think
1:26 we all know what a healthy weight is. So there is certainly no harm if you're trying
1:30 for a baby is to be a little bit more in shape and have a better body mass index.
1:36 It may not revolutionize your sperm quality but it certainly won't harm and
1:42 it may just help.