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Does Chemotherapy Affect Sperm?

Being diagnosed with cancer is tough. Professor Allan Pacey discusses the impact of chemotherapy on your fertility and the positive steps you can take if you want to have children.


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0:02 Any man who's had a previous diagnosis of cancer and who has had cancer treatment
0:09 is at risk of subsequent infertility. That's why at the time of cancer
0:15 diagnosis we recommend that all men are given the opportunity to bank their
0:20 sperm as an insurance policy in case they need to use it at a later date.
0:24 Actually the evidence is that many men are completely fertile after cancer treatment.
0:33 The problem that we have at the point of diagnosis is we can't tell who they
0:38 those men are and work out which of those men will definitely be
0:43 subfertile after their cancer treatment. Often cancer treatments need to be repeated.