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Does Alcohol Affect Sperm?

Do you enjoy drinking alcohol but worry it may be affecting your fertility? Professor Allan Pacey tells us more.


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0:02 Now there are things that I haven't mentioned that may be a surprise.
0:07 So I haven't mentioned alcohol and I think many men feel very guilty about
0:12 whether or not a quick pint on a Friday night is going to be detrimental to their
0:17 fertility or sperm production.
0:19 Actually the evidence would suggest that if a man drinks with in recommended
0:25 guidelines that there's really no harm to his sperm production and that there
0:31 isn't anything to worry about. And I think that's important for couples to
0:35 remember because, often couples go on a health drive when they're trying to have
0:41 a baby and they cut out lots of things that they think might be detrimental to
0:45 success.
0:46 Men like to have a drink every now and again and if couples cut out alcohol
0:53 completely then that can make a man quite grumpy and when a man gets grumpy
0:59 he doesn't always want to have sex and if you're not having sex then you're
1:03 lowering your chance of having a baby
1:06 so my advice would be drinking socially a glass of wine each night with dinner
1:12 or a beer with dinner is perfectly fine
1:16 what would be bad he's saving up your allowance for Friday night and consuming
1:20 all of your alcohol within one go.
1:23 So binge drinking is bad but a drink with dinner or a drink out with friends
1:28 once or twice a week isn't going to harm your sperm production at all.