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Do Home Sperm Testing Kits Work?

Want to understand if you have healthy swimmers from the comfort of your own home? Professor Allan Pacey explains the role that home sperm testing kits play when it comes to understanding your fertility.



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0:02 One of the things that prevent men coming forward to their doctor to have a
0:07 sperm test is the embarrassment.
0:10 It can be embarrassing for a man to utter the words "I think I have a
0:15 fertility problem". It can prevent him from engaging with health care. That can
0:22 be very detrimental to your chances of being a father because if there is a
0:27 problem it may mean you're going to delay getting some medical help and get
0:31 a delay in sorting it out. There are on the market some home sperm test kits, now these are not a complete substitute for a laboratory tests. They're not going to
0:42 give us all the answers but if it helps a man make that first step in the
0:48 comfort of his own home to having a test then I think if you have the money and
0:55 you want to do that in the comfort of your own home then that is a perfectly
0:59 acceptable thing to do.
1:01 I would hope that if a man finds that the test suggests there's a
1:05 problem, that one of the first things he does is then go to the doctor to discuss
1:09 it and has the test repeated in the laboratory.
1:12 However if the test suggests there's a problem
1:17 please do not panic because the tests are not foolproof and they don't detect
1:22 every abnormality and they don't do all of the tests that we would do in the
1:26 laboratory.
1:27 If it allows a man to engage with his fertility,
1:30 if it allows a man to come to terms with it slowly over a period of time and you
1:37 have the money, my advice is that happily go and do a test in your own home and
1:42 see what happens.