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Daysy Troubleshooting: Battery Out Error Message

If you receive the battery out error message on your daysy, don't worry this is only a glitch with the DaysyView app.

daysy-battery-outTo fix this, please click on the ? icon at the bottom of the calendar page, then About daysy and DaysyView. Scroll to the bottom and click on Forget this device. This will clear all data from your app, so please make a note of any intercourse data or notes that you would like to keep, these can be re-entered at a later time. All of your temperature readings and menstruation data are safely stored within daysy and will transfer back to the app. You can then sync your daysy again.

If you get the message, "Please wait and take your first-morning temperature..." please take your temperature tomorrow morning, and then sync immediately after. You should have no problems transferring all data from your daysy back to the app. If you are still experiencing any issues please contact us.