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Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor - FAQs

How accurate is my Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor?

The Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor has been shown to be 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge in cycles.

Why is my monitor is displaying a large number of high fertility days and/or didn't display any peak fertility days this cycle?

The monitor displays high fertility when it detects a rise in your estrogen level. On the subsequent days the monitor looks for your LH surge and will continue to display high fertility until your LH surge is detected. When you LH surge is detected peak fertility is displayed.

If the LH surge is not detected, peak fertility will not be displayed and you might see more high fertility days than you expected. This can be as many as 19 days. If this happens it is unlikely that you are fertile for the whole of this time.

There are a number of possible reasons why you might not see peak fertility e.g. your LH surge may have been too low for the monitor to detect it, you may have missed a test or you may not have ovulated during this cycle. If you have an unusually short or long cycle may also not see peak fertility. If you do not see peak for 3 consecutive cycles you please see your doctor.

Why did my monitor display low fertility for the whole of my cycle?

This is because you monitor did not detect changes in estrogen or LH during your cycle. There are a number of possible reasons for this, e.g. a test may have been missed, or you may not have ovulated this cycle. It may also be that you did not set a new cycle. You need to set a new cycle each time your period starts. If you only see low fertility for 3 cycles please see your doctor.

Why did my monitor go straight from low to peak fertility?

This can occasionally happen, e.g. if your rise in estrogen is not detected before your rise LH surge (peak fertility), if you miss a test, or if you have a short cycle following a long cycle.

What type of batteries should I use?

It is important to use AA alkaline (LR6) 1.5v batteries. Otherwise there is a risk that the information stored on your monitor will be lost. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Can I lose the information stored in my monitor?

The monitor requires a constant supply of battery power. So please remember to replace the batteries when the monitor asks you to. Before the batteries run out, the monitor will switch itself off to protect your information. But, if the batteries are not replaced straight away and the monitor is left without power an error will occur and your information will be lost. You will be unable to use your monitor until you replace the batteries and reprogram it.

Last updated: 23.07.2018