How to use your Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor

We know how overwhelming it can be trying to keep track of your cycles and pinpointing when you are fertile. The good news is, your new Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor does this for you, and allows you to access it all from one place.

Watch the video from Clearblue to discover how to use the monitor to view your high and peak fertility days, track your cycles in the calendar, test for pregnancy and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Don’t forget that you need to buy the Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor Test Sticks to use with this monitor. Please remember that other Clearblue ovulation and pregnancy test sticks are not compatible with this monitor

2. You need to tell your monitor when your period starts, you must do this within the first 4 days of your cycle (where day 1 is the first day of blood flow), or you will have to wait until your next cycle to use your monitor

Written on 03.12.21 Review by 03.12.24