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Can You Have A Baby If You Are HIV Positive?

Professor Allan Pacey reveals how you can start a family if you are HIV positive.


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0:02 a man who's in a relationship with a woman where he is HIV positive and she
0:09 is not may be concerned about how they can have a baby without exposing her to the virus in his semen.
0:22 What used to happen was that we would offer man the opportunity to have what
0:26 we term sperm washing, where we would take a sample of his sperm and in the
0:31 lab wash it through a series of solutions which would remove the virus.
0:36 We could then safely inseminate his partner with his sperm without any risk
0:41 of her catching the disease.
0:43 Now the approach is very different and we can actually give the man drugs to
0:49 reduce his viral load and there's a lot of data to show that if his viral load
0:55 is reduced below a certain threshold then the most successful way to
1:01 become pregnant and the most risk free way for her to become pregnant
1:07 is simply to have regular sex during that time when his viral load is has
1:12 been reduced. With those drugs that requires a certain level of medical
1:16 input obviously so my suggestion would be if you are in a relationship where
1:22 the man is HIV positive and the woman is not then you discuss that with the
1:27 hematologist who is dealing with the management of the HIV infection. He
1:32 or she will be very familiar with these protocols and will be able to advise and
1:37 with the help of a gynecologist probably will give you the way forward.