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Simplifying Fertility

Supporting you on your fertility journey every step of the way

Starting a family is one of the most amazing experiences of your life, yet trying to get pregnant can often be confusing, frustrating and very stressful. We were inspired to start Dr Fertility after seeing many friends and family struggle to conceive. We were surprised by the overwhelming amount of information and advice available, and when our resident Pharmacist PhD, found the products confusing, we knew it was time to simplify the science.

Our aim is to become a one stop destination for; simplified, trusted and evidence-based fertility information, products and tools, to help maximise your chances of getting pregnant. We want to give you a better understanding of the science and provide emotional support for anybody who wants a baby no matter who you are or what your situation is.

We want to raise awareness of infertility, eliminate the taboo, answer your questions and empower each other on this journey by sharing real life stories. By bringing together a diverse range of experts we can offer you a holistic approach to your fertility and deliver the most up to date information and expert opinion.

We are continually researching the market to offer you fertility products and tools to help maximise your chances of getting pregnant. We strive to inform you fully, by explaining the background behind them, and key benefits of them, as well as step by step videos on how to and when to use them.

This is a work in progress so watch this space…….

We are always trying to improve our information and products, so your honest feedback is extremely important to us. If there is anything we can be doing better then please let us know at: