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Pre-Seed Lubricant - 9 Applications

Pre-Seed Lubricant - 9 Applications

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Why do we like Pre-Seed?

● This product gets fantastic customer reviews across the internet
● Published research to prove the quality and effectiveness of the product
● Proven to not harm sperm or embryo development
● It is easy to use
● It stays moist and isn’t sticky - in fact it feels great!

Any drawbacks?

● You need to incorporate using this product into your lovemaking so it doesn’t spoil the moment!


Why use Pre-Seed?

Pre-Seed was developed to provide an optimal environment for sperm when trying to conceive. During sexual intercourse special fluids are made by the woman’s body to support sperm on their journey through the cervix to meet the egg. Fluid volumes increase, and they become more slippery (like egg whites), with a rise in fluid pH to protect sperm. As women age, or if they have hormone imbalances, these normal fertile fluid changes don’t occur, making it difficult for the sperm to swim through the cervix.

Common lubricants damage sperm because they have the wrong pH and are not “isotonic,” meaning they have high salt or ion levels that dehydrate sperm and stop them from swimming. Some also contain sperm-toxic ingredients, such as glycerol (glycerin). Even saliva and water can kill sperm and should be avoided when you are trying to conceive.

● First vaginal lubricant allowed to state "safe for use" by couples while trying to conceive
● Does not harm sperm or interfere with fertilisation and embryo development
● Allows sperm to move freely
● Isotonic and pH balanced to mimic fertile fluids
● Developed by doctors
● Used in fertility clinics

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Last Update: 14.02.2015

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