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Daysy Fertility Monitor

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What is the Daysy Fertility Monitor?

Daysy is a fertility tracker that measures your basal body temperature (BBT) and uses the fertility awareness method to learn and track your menstrual cycle to tell you when you are in your fertile window and when not. This means during your fertile window you can choose to plan a pregnancy, use a barrier method to prevent pregnancy or postpone PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex to avoid pregnancy. Giving you choice and fertility freedom!


Things we Love about the Daysy Fertility Monitor?


  • Is experienced. She uses 30 years of research to determine your daily fertility status and help you track your menstrual cycles.
  • Knows you are busy and takes only 30-60 seconds to measure your BBT under your tongue each morning.
  • Is free from side effects.
  • Cares about you and offers technical support on the phone or by email.

    There are so many more reasons too:.

    • Daysy can determine the start of your fertile window and ovulation so when you are trying to get pregnant you know when to baby dance.
    • She can tell you when you are pregnant.
    • She can let you know when your period is due so there are no surprises. 
    • Great value for money. Average life of daysy is 7 years which works out at around 10p per day.


    Any drawbacks?

    • You need a minimum of 4 hours sleep and to remember to take your BBT each morning before you get out of bed.
    • Daysy can be affected by sleep disruption, illness and alcohol but the algorithm will either ignore the exception or show you a yellow light to be on the cautious side.
    • Daysy can take 2-3 cycles to learn about your cycles.


    Who should use Daysy?

    • As there are only 6 days per cycle (your fertile window) you can get pregnant, daysy is great for ladies who only want to use contraception during their fertile time.
    • If you aren't ready for a baby yet. Remember Daysy is not a contraception so use a barrier method of contraception during your fertile window. But when you are are ready, daysy will then be able tell you the best time to start trying.
    • Anyone who wants to get #cyclesavvy and be in tune with their body.



      How to use the Daysy Fertility Monitor?

      1. Every morning whilst still in bed take your temperature under your tongue.
      2. Confirm your menstruation days with daysy.
      3. Daysy then calculates your fertility status for the next 18 hours. This will be displayed as a red (you are fertile) or green (you are not fertile) light.


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