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Ava Bracelet Fertility Monitor

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Why do we like Ava bracelet for fertility tracking?

Things we love about Ava

  • Very easy to use! No need to wee on a stick or set your alarm for the same time every morning to take your basal body temperature. Ava is a fit-bit style bracelet that you simply wear at night, whilst you sleep and then sync the data with your smartphone every morning.
  • Rather than monitoring just one sign of ovulation, Ava tracks 9 bodily factors, including pulse rate, skin temperature, heart rate variability ratio (an indicator of stress), sleep quality, blood flow, and breathing rate. This information is fed into the unique Ava algorithm to detect your fertile window. Read further information on 'How It Works'.  
  • Ava is able to detect the very first signs of the start of your fertile window, and detects when it ends, allowing you to understand the best time to try to get pregnant and maximise your chances of conception.

And there are many other reasons:

  • Ava is a stylish lightweight silicon wristband made from raw materials that are medical grade and biocompatible, meaning it should not cause any allergic reactions.
  • Ava is registered with the FDA as a medical class one device and CE certified.
  • If you are struggling to conceive then you can share all the data Ava collects with your GP
  • Once you are pregnant you simply switch Ava to pregnancy mode and it will tell you what to expect in each week of pregnancy

Any drawbacks for the Ava bracelet?

  • Currently, Ava only works for women with regular 24-35 days cycles but current research in women with irregular cycles is being done to support more women outside of this cycle day range.
  • Ava will only work with an iPhone or Android smartphone using the Ava mobile app.
  • You need at least four hours of consecutive sleep in order for Ava to work properly. If Ava records less than 4 hours it won’t use the data from that night.

Visit our Ava FAQ for further information.

How to use the Ava bracelet for fertility tracking?

  1. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play
  2. During the initial set up answer the onboarding questions regarding the dates of your last period to help the algorithm to automatically project your upcoming fertile window and your predicted ovulation date. Moving forward this can change in real-time depending on what the algorithm is detecting from your physiological signs.
  3. Make sure Ava is fully charged and wear on your wrist in bed whilst you sleep. You need a minimum of 4 hours sleep for good quality data.
  4. The strap must be tight enough to maintain a connection between the sensor and your skin.
  5. In the morning connect Ava to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the app will identify if you are ovulating or if you are in your fertile window.

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