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A Blokes Diary of Baby Making - It's Good to Talk

Posted by Dr Fertility on

couples-talking-fertilityBeyond improving our eating habits, me and my wife have found ourselves communicating more over dinner, about the prospect of becoming pregnant and becoming parents. Communication is not something that we have ever struggled with, even on our first date, but it is something that we have never really spoken about, in depth or with any meaning.  

Above all else the one thing that we are discovering is that we are both scared to death but by understanding each other’s fears and concerns we are becoming closer than ever. With this enhanced level of closeness, we are also discovering things about each other, our bodies and how they work, that again can only help in our prospect of becoming parents. For instance, I didn't know there were only a 6 days a month when she can become pregnant and that my sperm can live inside her for up to 5 days! Well I was never told that in Sex Ed at school, and it definitely hasn't come up in the pub with the boys. However, knowing this makes me feel I understand her better, what she's thinking at particular times of the month, and it means I can better support her emotionally on this journey that we are about to embark on. Sounds simple but it is so important and the majority of us blokes just don't have a clue because we don’t talk about personal stuff to one another or even or partners.

I know this last part of my blog today is a little deep but communication is really important, even if you think you are good at it!  We did but it transpires that we were just good talkers rather than listeners. Spending the time to cook together and sit down to have dinner together rather than having dinner on our knees, watching TV really has helped us support one another better.

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