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A Blokes Diary of Baby Making - Spiralizing Out of Control

Posted by Dr Fertility on

spiralingUntil the start of October, I had never heard of a food spiralizer but now I am spiralizing everything  from courgettes, to carrots, to sweet potato, to butternut squash and even making rice out of a cauliflower, AMAZING!  I have even started to have daydreams of what to spiralize next, but there is a huge benefit to my new found love affair with spiralizing.  I have gone from barely having 1 of the recommended 5 a day to almost OD'ing on fruit and vegetables.

My wife tells me that increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in my diet not only has the immediate health benefits associated with a healthy balanced diet, it also increases my folic acid intake.  Folic acid was something else that I had never heard of until my wife put a tub at the side of our bed and started popping a pill each morning, so I decided to look into it. I was surprised to find out that the benefits of folic acid are not exclusive to mums-to-be. During my investigation, I found this and thought I ought to share …..

The changes to my diet that I’ve managed to make so far have been done through making small changes.   In fact, after just a couple of weeks I can genuinely say I am feeling better, and have more energy which can only be good for my sperm (and, of course, our sex life). Oh… and I've lost a few pounds too which is never a bad thing! I’d better put the beers back in the fridge for now.

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