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P is for Passion for PCOS

Posted by Dr Fertility on

I have a passion for PCOS. I very much suspect, however, that if you’re currently struggling with PCOS that you couldn’t feel less passionate about it.

pcospower Kate Davies Fertility Nurse ConsultantI get that. PCOS is an all-consuming, debilitating and confidence bashing condition. It is unfortunately poorly diagnosed, with the majority of women experiencing years of frustration and put up with undesirable symptoms before they get a definitive diagnosis. Even after diagnosis, you may have been told to ‘go away and lose weight’ before you can receive any help in conceiving but how can you lose weight and control your symptoms if you’re not given the right education and support to do just that?

The reason I feel passionate about PCOS, and by that I mean helping women with PCOS, is because there is just so much that can be done to control the syndrome and make women’s lives better. The problem is that PCOS is rather a Cinderella condition when it comes to women’s health. There is too little education and too little research on PCOS and together we need to make PCOS heard. 


Making PCOS heard is exactly what Dr Fertility are doing with their amazing #PCOSPower Campaign and I’m delighted to be involved with this education health awareness campaign, particularly in support of PCOS Awareness Month. Together we are standing up to PCOS. 


Raising awareness of PCOS is vital in breaking down the misconceptions many women have with regards to never being able to control their PCOS and live a healthy life or the devastating misconception that PCOS means they’ll never conceive. 


It is possible for women with PCOS to have PCOS power. You can become knowledgeable about your condition. You can become empowered. You just need the right support and education. So join us in standing up to PCOS and get the #PCOSPOWER.


Kate Davies is an Independent Fertility Nurse Consultant and has helped 100’s of women take back control of their PCOS and live happy, confident and symptom-free lives.


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