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4 Top Tips for Getting Pregnant

Posted by Dr Fertility on

4-top-tips-for-getting-pregnantAfter 14 weeks of focusing on reaching certain pregnancy milestones, I can finally tell the world I’m pregnant! My TTC* journey has been an interesting one. With both a personal and business vested interest, I have researched ‘how to get pregnant’ non-stop. Medical research, articles, blogs, you name it I’ve read it. I’ve also tested lots of fertility products too – my poor husband also got roped into it with home male sperm fertility tests! Now I’m pregnant I thought it would be good to take all the learnings and pull together my own personal tips for getting pregnant to share with family, friends and you, my TTC sisters embarking on your own fertility journey.


1. Take conception/pre-natal supplements

Even though my husband and I eat a well balanced diet, my research quickly revealed that I still wouldn’t get the right combination of vitamins and minerals needed to give conception a helping hand and for a healthy pregnancy. I was also surprised to discover that men’s sperm can take up to 3 months to develop so any lifestyle/diet changes should happen a few months before trying to conceive. We invested in daily conception vitamins for both my husband and I, which also improved my skin and nails - bonus!


2. It's all about timing

If you are regularly having sex 2/3 times a week then you don’t need to be as mindful about timing. Just make sure you have regular sex from the day after your last period until your next one! But for my husband and I we’d only have sex once a week due to travelling with work and long working hours. This combined with the fact that I’m 37 years old meant I wanted to identify my fertile window to help speed up the conception process.


I used Clearblue digital ovulation tests to monitor the level of Luteinising Hormone (LH) in my urine. There is a surge in LH 12-24 hours before ovulation, which helps you to identify the 2 most fertile days per cycle. 


Once armed with this knowledge it is REALLY difficult not to grab your ‘I’m fertile’ megaphone and demand sex from your partner. I found it extremely challenging trying to seduce my husband without him knowing I was ovulating. He would reject my advances saying he was too tired/stressed and sometimes it left me with no option. If I then told him he would protest saying how much it put him off being told when to have sex – I couldn’t win! 


3. How often to have sex

 At first we would have sex every day for 5 days before and 2 days after ovulation, however when we went to have our fertility MOT the doctor explained that every 2 days was better because the sperm concentration is higher. The month we got pregnant we had sex every 2 days over a 5 day period before ovulation, on ovulation day and for a 3 day period afterwards – over a 9 day period in total.


4. It's about both mental and physical well being 

I never thought I would become obsessed with getting pregnant but I forgot that one of my strengths is that when I set a goal I work my ass off to achieve it. I don’t like to fail. I started to think about it every day and the challenge of ‘how to get my husband to have sex on the right days without telling him I’m ovulating’ was a monthly battle in my head!


I honestly think stress and pressure can prevent you from getting pregnant so it’s really important to invest the time on your mental, as well as physical, health. I started doing yoga, going to bed earlier and getting up at 6am to hit the gym before work three times a week. 


I hope you found my top tips helpful and wish you lots of luck and baby dust for your TTC journey. 


*TTC = trying to conceive

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