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Meet Dr Fertility’s new Fertility Friend OvuSense

Posted by Lucy Buckley on

We have really enjoyed working with Rob, Laura and the rest of the team at Fertility Focus to bring you OvuSense as part of our #cyclesavvy campaign.

ovusense-ovulation-trackerOvuSense is an App and vaginal Sensor that measures your core body temperature every 5 minutes overnight, to identify when you are fertile to help you take control of your fertility and get #cyclesavvy.

OvuSense is different to other fertility monitors that we currently offer because it can be used by many different women. You can use OvuSense if you have just started TTC, have been TTC for a while, have irregular cycles, PCOS or diminished ovarian reserve. But there are many more reasons why we love OvuSense.


Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing with you…

- The OvuSense Podcast series with another one of our Fertility Friends, Natalie Silverman from The Fertility Podcast

- What our TTCs and experts think about OvuSense

- More educational videos from our #cyclesavvy series with Fertility Nurse Consultant Kate Davies

So if you want to get #cyclesavvy watch this space...

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