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Let the #spermbanter begin!

Posted by Dr Fertility on

spermbanter-male-fertility-campaignIn support of the National Fertility Awareness Week 31st October - 6th November 2016, Dr Fertility has launched a male fertility awareness campaign called #spermbanter to educate men and to evoke banter to tackle the male fertility taboo.  

With around  3.5 million people in the UK facing a fertility battle each year, approximately 20-30% of cases will solely be down to male fertility factors, and in as many as 50% of cases, male factors  will contribute. Yet the vast majority of help and advice available is still focused on the female.


So why are men still in their caves when it comes to fertility? Unfortunately, many men are simply too embarrassed to discuss their fertility issues. The feelings of shame and inadequacy prevent them from discussing fertility with their friends and family and seeking medical help, which could be making the problem worse.


To help combat this Dr Fertility have teamed up with Professor Allan Pacey, one of the UK’s leading male fertility experts with a straight-talking, down to earth approach. The #spermbanter campaign involves a series of videos promoted using sperm cartoon characters utilising social media channels. It aims to educate men on all sperm-related issues using humour to attract their attention and put them at ease; addressing some key questions including “What is the impact of alcohol on sperm?” and “What makes sperm more fertile?”.


The campaign’s success will be measured on its ability to encourage men to start actively asking questions and discussing the issues. From 31st October until the end of November Dr Fertility will also contribute 10% of profits from the sale of male fertility products to The Fertility Network in support of their #HiddenFaces campaign.

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