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#ivfstrongertogether - Let's Start The Difficult Fertility Conversations!

Posted by Dr Fertility on


ivfstrongertogetherDr Fertility is proudly wearing their pineapple pins in support of IVF Babbles’ #ivfstrongertogether fertility awareness campaign. The aim of the campaign is to tackle the fertility taboo by encouraging people to start difficult conversations and to share their personal fertility experiences, both good and bad.  


Despite 1 in 6 couples facing fertility issues in the UK, most people feel very alone even in a happy and loving partnership. This is incredibly sad when there are millions of people who understand how hard the journey can be. We often find it frustrating that you are more likely to know about your friend’s sex life than you are their fertility.


The pineapple pins also aim to provide comfort by showing that other people are experiencing the same set of emotions and challenges as you. We believe these cuties will encourage more, much needed, difficult fertility conversations.


Check out IVF Babbles’ Instagram to see all the people (including celebrities!) who are wearing their pins with pride!



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