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Dr Fertility Now Offer Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Pad Discs For Sore & Cracked Nipples

Posted by Dr Fertility on

rite-aid-hydrogel-breast-pad-discs-12-packWe discovered the amazing Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Pad Discs after two of the Dr Fertility team recently became first time mums. They were both, like many mums, struggling with the pain from sore and cracked nipples, but didn't want to give up breastfeeding!


The hydrogel breast pads instantly cool and soothe tender nipples, whilst promoting faster healing by restoring the skin's natural moisture. They also absorb milk leakage so no additional breast pads are needed.  



"The Rite Aid Hydrogel pads literally stopped me from giving up on breastfeeding. I discovered them after 3 weeks of agony and they provided instant relief. They also healed my nipples quicker. I tried alternative brands too but these were my favourite because they provided better relief and were cheaper! My son is now 9 weeks old and I am still breastfeeding", KMc, Manchester


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