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Alex Jones of the One Show Admits to Not Understanding the Impact of Age on Fertility at Conference

Posted by Dr Fertility on

alex-jones-one-show-admits-not-understanding-impact-of-age-on-fertilityLike many career women, Alex Jones decided to wait until she was older to start trying for a family. At The Fertility Health Summit Conference Alex Jones stated, "I just happen to have a career and, while you're waiting for a family, why wouldn't you try your best and do the job to the best of your advantage?"

However like many uninformed women, Alex said she never thought that trying for a baby at 39 years old would affect her chances of having children. Alex continued to say, "For me the penny didn't drop. I thought, I've just met this boy, I've got this lovely job that I absolutely, to this day, adore, although it's not more important than a family - I'd like to be really clear about that."

She emphasised to the conference audience of fertility specialists that young women did not have enough information to make an informed choice.

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