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10 Womb Transplants Gain Approval in the UK

Posted by Dr Fertility on

The UK womb transplant team have been given approval to start a series of 10 womb
transplants in the UK, following the successful womb transplant programme in Sweden. In October 2014, a Swedish woman was the world's first to give birth, after receiving a womb transplant. Since then it is thought that another two babies have been born to women following womb transplants, giving hope to many infertile women around the world who want to have babies and showing that this may now become a reality.

Surprisingly, as many as 1 in 5000 women are born in the UK without a womb, this is 
condition is known as Absolute Uterine/Womb Factor Infertility. In addition, a hysterectomy (the surgical removal of a women’s womb) is still a common treatment for cervical cancer and other serious illnesses.

Although, being infertile because you don’t have a womb is not a life threatening condition, for some couples this discovery and the thought of not being able to have their own children can be heart breaking and massively affect their quality of life. For others who may be faced with having a hysterectomy before having any children or completing their family which can also be very distressing.

Before the possibility of a womb transplant the only two options available for women without a womb, were adoption or surrogacy. Deciding on adoption or surrogacy is not an easy decision to make and involves many moral, emotionally and financial considerations, which can be very stressful for couples.

Mr Richard Smith, a Consultant Gynaecologist at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital and the Chairman at Uterine Transplant UK Charity will lead the transplant team. According to Mr Smith, £500,000 still needs to be raised to cover the costs of the UK transplant programme.

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