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Does Fertility Yoga work?

Posted by Dr Fertility on

At Dr Fertility we are huge advocates of yoga and the benefits it has to offer the mind and soul, but how can it actually help with your fertility?


1. Detoxing

As anyone who has tried or practices yoga knows, every part of the body is stretched, twisted and relaxed during a yoga session. These movements help the removal of waste products in the body such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid and lymphatic fluid from the deep tissues. Carbon dioxide is also released from the lung tissue through yoga breathing, along with organ stimulation to aid digestion.


2. Stress Busting

The negative impact that stress can have on your fertility is well documented. Yoga breathing helps alleviate stress through lowering the stress hormone cortisol in the body and the focus needed to complete each move helps to switch off your brain from your fertility and every day worries.

Many women find that yoga is beneficial when undergoing fertility treatments to help manage hormones in the body and anxiety levels.


3. Boosts Circulation & Immune System

The increase in blood circulation from yoga can help stimulate your reproductive organs. With ovarian dysfunction being a common cause of infertility, stimulation in this area can help. 

Improving your inner calm can also help raise the number of white blood cells in your body, boosting your immune system.


Are there any particular yoga poses that help?

This is a great infographic to show some beneficial poses from momjunction

Top 14 Yoga Asanas That Boost Fertility

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