Pressure to Perform

Pressure to perform

Pressure to perform

A common reason why it can take couples longer than they expected to conceive is not having sex at the right time during a woman’s cycle. But did you know that timing can also be important for men when it comes to storing sperm?

Many men believe that if they don’t ejaculate for a long period of time, when they then ejaculate the next time, they will produce lots of super swimmers. This is actually a myth. When the sperm exit the sperm production factory, they are then stored until the point of ejaculation. The optimum time of storage is usually just two or three days, which means you ideally want to be ejaculating sperm within two or three days of them leaving the production line.

However, we all know that scheduling sex is not always fun, especially when trying to conceive. Increasing the frequency of baby making after a women’s period is a relaxed way to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Having sex every two to three days will help ensure that you are having sex during the woman’s fertile window and you are avoiding storing your sperm for too long.

We understand that many men will feel pressured when trying for a baby. Even though timing is important, baby making can become routine and men often feel under pressure to perform. Remember, it is normal for it to take up to 12 months to get pregnant. So, it is really important to keep sex as fun and stress-free as possible because it may not happen straight away.

Trying for a baby can be a stressful experience, which can also have a negative impact on your relationship and your sex drive. We believe it is very important for everyone to recognise that this is absolutely normal and to be kind to yourselves, plan nice things and keep having a good time. It is also important to find your own personal way to manage stress. This may involve taking some time out to do some exercise or an activity that you enjoy. Making sure you get enough sleep can also help to reduce stress. If you do still feel it is getting too much, we recommend seeking some expert support.

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