Improving sperm optimising sperm production factory

Understanding your sperm production factory

Understanding your sperm production factory

With around 3.5 million people in the UK facing a fertility battle each year, approximately 20-30% of cases will solely be down to male fertility factors. Yet the vast majority of help and advice available is still focused on the female.

Did you know that it takes around 3 months for sperm to be made? This means that you’ll need to make lifestyle changes to improve your sperm quality several months before trying to conceive. The good news is though: there are lots of positive things you can do by understanding more about your sperm production factory. Are you ready for some spermbanter?... Let us tell you more. 

We know that many of you are still in your man cave when it comes to fertility. To help combat this we have teamed up with Professor Allan Pacey, one of the UK’s leading male fertility experts with a straight-talking approach, to film a series of short videos educating on all things sperm! Allan answers your questions and tells us things about sperm that we would never have thought to ask!

Watch our #Spermbanter video series:

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