Fertility Lubricants Tech Tests

Fertility lubes, tech & tests

Fertility lubes, tech & tests

When it comes to fertility products, we don’t want to leave the men out. There are actually quite a lot of fertility products that men can use when trying for a baby. Our aim is to provide you with simple information about the key benefits about the products, what they can - and importantly what they can’t - do and who they are suitable for. This allows you to make an informed decision about which ones are right for you. All our fertility products are hand picked and put through our own internal quality control review before we offer them to you.

Fertility lubricants

Sperm friendly lubricants can be used when trying to conceive. The benefits include mimicking natural cervical fluids and giving the women more moisture down there, creating an optimal environment for your swimmers, plus they can feel great! So, it's more fun for both of you.

Home sperm tests

If you want to learn more about your swimmers, a home sperm test could be a good place to start, especially if you are feeling a little embarrassed.

Home hormone testing

Home fertility tests provide you with the option to take fertility tests in the privacy and comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. These tests aren’t intended to replace tests offered by your GP, but they do give you a good starting point when it comes to learning more about your fertility potential.

Male Fertility tech

Coming soon! At the moment, most fertility monitors are designed for women but watch this space as technology solutions are currently being developed for men too!

Vitamins and supplements

We offer a range of vitamins and supplements to help support your sperm production factory and sperm health when trying for a baby.

Anti-radiation phone cases

If you want to protect your tackle from mobile phone radiation, our anti-radiation phone cases can help, especially if you carry your phone in your pocket.

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