When should you seek help fertility

Step 5: When should you seek help

Step 5: When should you seek help

Before you start trying to conceive (TTC) some women may need guidance about how and when to come off their current contraception. There is some conflicting information about how long it takes for your body to be fertile following contraception. Your doctor can advise you about your specific contraception and when you would expect to be ovulating again after stopping.

For both of you it is always best to start any TTC journey with a clean bill of health so if you are experiencing any symptoms you should always get these checked out by your doctor. If you are concerned that there is a chance you may have been in contact with someone with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in your past, even if you are not experiencing symptoms, sexual health screening is a great place to start.

Concerned about not being pregnant yet? 

We would recommend visiting your Doctor if: 

  • you have no medical problems; the woman is less than 35 and you have been TTC for 12 months without success
  • you have no medical problems; the woman is 35 or over and you have been TTC for 6 months without success
  • either of you has any concerns about your fertility, has any current or previous medical problems, or are taking any medication

Deciding to see a Doctor may feel daunting, but this is a positive step in the right direction. Talk to your partner before your appointment and remember you have each other for support.



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